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Cooperation with schools




Lounais-Hämeen koulutuskuntayhtymä LHKK (Southwest Häme region federation of municipalities for vocational education and training) educates media, catering, cosmetology, marketing, construction and transportation experts. LHKK offers a wide range of services and trainees for filming, lighting and editing groups, staging contruction, makeup, marketing and catering teams and for various transportation and lifting works.

Film group can go for lunch at the lunch restaurant Fai Food or order food from them directly to the shooting location. The catering of large groups is handled professionally, as food is made for hundreds of people on a daily basis at a student and lunch restaurant.

Construction students work with small projects, renovations and all so the entire construction. They are also looking forward to receive client work that related to staging construction.

LHKK rents transport and lifting equipment and offers transport services for small and large needs, both near and far. They rent for example trucks, crane trucks, forklifts, wheel loaders, construction tools and scaffoldings.

Cosmetology students do makeups in the beauty salon Beuty Fai as well as corporate theme days and events. In addition to festive and wedding makeups, they can create the basic film makeup with a professional touch.

Project prominents work close to the customer because they implement the projects in the desired way and exactly where they are needed. Skills are augmented eg. decoration works, event organizing, marketing plans and customer satisfaction surveys. They can work for example as an traffic controllers.

Media students are used to working in front and behind the camera, with lights, sound and editing. They do for example personal and product shoots, various business videos and large format printing services. Video and photo equipment rental can be negotiated on a production-by-production basis.

Students are ready to move where they are needed and their services are also available in the evenings and at weekends, flexibly according to the shooting schedule.

LHKK offers also facilities for production companies. All the units are located near to the center of Forssa. The beauty salon Beauty Fai's facilities are suitable for the makeup team, and the compact media studio space is just perfect for small studio shoots. During the summer, when most of the schools are closed, the institution has a 47-seater dormitory suitable for accommodation.

Contact with the LHKK is through Forssa Film Office.

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